Musicality for guitar players

Since the appearance of Skype, FaceTime, and Zoom, I’ve been asked if I give guitar lessons online. The answer is yes, with the caveat that it does depend on what you’re after. So, here’s a very brief run down of what I teach. 

I aim my service primarily at players who would like help getting their playing to the next level. Often the main issue is that we don’t fully understand the relationship of the guitar parts that we’re playing to the broader picture of the underlying harmony. This can hinder our potential to fully realize our own creativity as musicians.

To help achieve a deeper musicality I focus on coaching through many of the common situations guitar players face (problems I’ve encountered many times myself), such as: how to develop guitar parts on the fly at rehearsals, how to compose the music of a song, and how to identify and develop strong song structures. I also help to demystify often confusing concepts (for instance, scale use, modes, guide tones and the use of intervals), The goal is to help you develop a deeper understanding of applied harmony, and essentially, to get more out of your playing experience. I do strive to try to keep the work interesting and ultimately useful.

Please drop me a line with the contact form if you’re interested, have questions and would like additional information.


Was a bit daunted at the start of my first lesson as it’s not every day you meet one of your guitar heroes! However was soon put at ease by Neil’s friendly, down to earth and supportive teaching style. Neil generously shared secrets of some of his classic Commotions guitar parts, and went the extra mile by providing tabs and song arrangements. The six lessons were a fascinating insight into Neil’s expertly crafted guitar playing, and a rare musical education.
John Dixon, Folkestone UK 

Anyone who has followed Neil’s music over the years knows that he is the exception to the rule – he is a guitar player that doesn’t over play. His guitar playing and wrting is there to serve the song. His teaching is similarly considered – if you want basics, he’ll provide basics – if you want to dig deeper into theory, or learn how to get a specific sound – he’ll help with that. Personally I’d been playing 20 odd years when I started learning with Neil – and he was quickly able to find the gaps in my learning, begin to plug the holes and effectively lay out the blueprint for the next 20 years…But – it’s up to you – if you just want to learn ‘Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken’ I’m sure he’ll be happy to oblige!
James Meurer, London UK 

Neil Clark is one of the finer guitarists of our time, justly renowned for not only his ability but for the taste and inventiveness of his playing. He helped me improve my own playing a great deal, and anyone who is lucky enough to have the chance to take lessons with Neil would, I am sure, also benefit greatly from his encyclopedic knowledge of the guitar and guitar styles.
Rupert Heath, London Ontario –