I’ll be on tour in the U.K. and E.U. with the Lloyd Cole band  – Lloyd, Blair Cowan and Signy Jakobsdottir – from mid-September through to November.


Bandcamp store: Solo work; Lake & Sea and more…And coming later in the year (I have to tour first), subscriptions – exclusive music posts; lesson videos; charts; other stuff that might be interesting….follow me on bandcamp.


“GUITARIST AND COMPOSER Neil Clark was born in Hamilton, Scotland. He formed Lloyd Cole and the Commotions with Cole and Blair Cowan and recorded three studio albums with the group….Recent recordings include Guesswork and On Pain with Lloyd Cole and Tiny Lungs with Lake & Sea.”


Musicality and creativity for guitarists


The Lake & Sea project is a joint endeavor with my pal Theresa McKay – possessor of a unique and lovely voice and a keeper and teller of stories. Click the button for more info and the link on the menu bar here for our bandcamp store.

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