Lloyd Cole and the Commotions

Commotions Rattlesnakes Video Shoot
Rattlesnakes video shoot – Photograph by Chas Clark

In 1983 having graduated from Art School I was wondering what to do with my degree and contemplating whether I had a chance of earning any sort living as a painter. It was occurring to me that teacher training was already looking like a good option. On the other hand though, I’d been playing guitar seriously for a few years, had recently met these guys, Lloyd Cole and Blair Cowan, and we’d begun to write some songs – so perhaps there was an opportunity there and maybe the rest could wait for a year or so?

Within a year the band we formed – Lloyd Cole and the Commotions – was recording its first album, called Rattlesnakes. It did well enough to allow us to record two more studio albums, Easy Pieces and Mainstream. I won’t go into any of this in depth here – if you knew us you probably already know the music (if you don’t, check out the links to Lloyd’s site below). Suffice to say that being in a band that gets successful quickly is an experience. A friend who was with us through the final 18 months compared it to being in the circus – a kind of parallel reality, seemingly with its own culture and rules. You don’t think much about the exit when it’s all going well but at the back of your mind you know that someday this is all going to end. The band officially broke up in 1990 and I went on to a decade of working as a hired guitar hand. I never did get to teacher training college (or make it as a painter) – it’s a funny old life in many ways.

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