New Album, I Only Just Got Here.

I Only Just Got Here.

Available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc etc. Also available, an extended re-release of 2008’s, Sundogs – completely resequenced with extra tracks.

At the risk of sounding like I’m dancing about architecture I’m going to write a few words about this recording. Five of the songs are covers – well six if you include Black Rock which was written by bass player Alisdair Jones. After I had completed a course of study at Berklee Online with Gary Burton, I wanted to cover a few tunes that I’ve loved for years and at the same time tie up some loose ends and improve a number of older recordings of original material.

Strange Meeting is a favourite Bill Frisell composition. It has a suggestion of tango with a slightly surreal slant that I tried to bring out – i think it has the feeling of an Yves Tanguy painting.

Naima is just one of John Coltrane’s most beautiful tunes – the interaction of the melody and the harmony is sublime.

Follow Your Heart. My guitar teacher from when I was 14 introduced me to John McLaughlin’s Extrapolation and to this day it remains an album that always draws me in, and where as a listener I always find something new. This song has become a standard since its release in 1969.

Goodbye Pork Pie Hat. Not much more I can say about this, it’s so well known, but I think it’s one of the best blues ever written. I do it in D.

Sweet Rain. A beautiful tune by Mike Gibbs. It’s harmonically complex with a great melody. Just two guitars here – the one on the left doing the chords with the melody and improvisation on the right.

Black Rock. A great composition by Alisdair. Pentatonic melody, dorian mode until the turnaround when it gets a little more involved. This is a band effort. Alisdair Jones on bass and Ambrose Pottie on drums. It’s a live recording. I added a rhythm guitar part.

Second Story Sunlight, All The Pretty Horses, Strangelove and Jarman’s Garden. The first two are by me. The second two were started by me with bass and drum parts added by Al and Ambrose. I’ve recorded them all before but these are better versions remixed and built on the foundations of the originals. Strangelove and Jarman’s Garden also features Al and Ambrose.

I hope beyond that, the music speaks for itself and that you’ll give I Only Just Got Here a listen.