Great 80′s albums

The much-maligned eighties actually spat out quite a few great albums here’s my list…

The Queen Is Dead, Soul Mining, Murmur, Shoot Out The Lights, Scary Monsters, Nothing’s Shocking, Synchronicity, Graceland, New Day Rising, Rum, Sodomy and the Lash, Collosal Youth, Reckoning, Nebraska, Are You Glad To Be In America, Paid In Full, I’m Your Man, Song X, Naked City, Sign Of The Times, The Trinity Sessions, Tim, Spirit Of Eden, Zen Arcade, Back In Black, The Joshua Tree, Psychocandy, Lifes Rich Pageant, My Life In The Bush of Ghosts, Purple Rain, The Blue Mask, Swordfishtrombones, It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back, Raindogs, Paul’s Boutique, Bass Desires, Fisherman’s Blues, Bring The Family, Lookout For Hope, Remain In Light, Closer.

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Two Teles

two telecasters
The current workhorses

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My Lesson on Modes

Over on my lesson site I published a kind of ‘lesson primer’ on the tonality and applications of the standard modes. HERE’S a direct link.

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Michael Maclear – Guerrilla Nation

Just finishing this book by Michael Maclear – Guerrilla Nation (My Wars In and Out of Vietnam). Maclear’s recently published memoir about his trips to Vietnam from 1969 up to 2010. He was the first Western reporter to interview American POW’s in Hanoi and writer of the acclaimed documentary, Vietnam: The Ten Thousand Day War. This is a fascinating read full of insight. Ho Chi Minh for instance was a world traveller in his early 20′s – a chef in London, shovelled snow for a winter in Harlem, co-founder of the French Communist Party – fluent in English and French. Maclear explains how both the French and then the Americans both failed to realize that the North’s motivation and strength was essentially rooted in nationalism and a desire for self-determination NOT communism. Seems to me that this failure to understand the legitimate desire of peoples to run their own affairs was also what brought the British down in their colonial wars (and the Dutch in Indonesia). A great book this and recommended.
Guerrilla Nation
Guerrilla Nation at Dundurn Books

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Life Drawing 1

life drawing #1

Life Drawing # 1.

I do still enjoy life/figure drawing. As a drawing and looking exercise it really is peerless. Back when I was doing my degree at Glasgow School of Art we would begin every term with two weeks of life drawing or painting and it’s stuck with me every since. I still go to drop-in classes when I can .

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Here’s Allen…

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Chihuly Montreal

Chihuly Montreal

One of the best from the Chihuly exhibition in Montreal – summer 2013.

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Locust Montreal

Another from Montreal. Pretty sure it’s a locust. Beautiful vermillion colouration on it’s wings.

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Funicular Pittsburgh

The Duchesne Incline funicular Pittsburgh. Looking down through the car.

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