Clark | Jones | Pottie

Clark | Jones | Pottie – Frisell EP

Bird Is The Worm – new jazz review.   “I’m a sucker for any ensemble that wants to dig into the Bill Frisell songbook. The trio of guitarist Neil Clark, bassist Alisdair Jones and drummer Ambrose Pottie offer up their versions of three Frisell compositions, “Blues for Los Angeles,” “Tell Your Ma, Tell Your Pa” and “Variation on a Theme” (check out Frisell’s Gone, Just Like a Train and Ghost Town for the originals). The spirit and sound of the originals are present in the trio’s renditions, but thankfully they use them as an excuse to go off in their own direction rather than as some reverential tribute album. Plenty likable.”

Clark | Jones | Pottie are: Neil Clark (guitar), Alisdair Jones (bass) and Ambrose Pottie (drums). They have also performed and recorded under the name ‘Sleepers’.

Long-time admirers of Bill Frisell as both a guitarist and composer. These recordings are live off the floor with no overdubs added.